Saturday, May 9, 2009


I really went to pick up some crafting items, and insecticide for the yard, of course I did some coupoing while there, and forgot to look at the crafting stuff!
Creamer 1qrt (took to DH at work) $2.28 used $1Q = $1.28
Sure for men deo 10 @ $1.78 used $1.50Q = $2.80
Kens dressing 10 @ $1.28 used $1Q = $2.80
Cereal $2.35 used $1Q = $1.35 (not a great deal but ok)
J&J 2oz lotion 13 @ $0.97 used 7 $2Qs = -$1.39
Bananas $1.13
Bread $2.28
$10.25 OOP


Watch Nena Save said...

OOhhhh you were able to do the johnsons? I am so all over that! :)

Jennifer P said...

I did find a few $2 J&J MQ, but they say exclude trial size?? Are those trial sizes and they worked anyway?? My in-laws are coming and they love the Ken's Italian Ramono dressing, I hope I have these prices at my WalMart.

Amanda said...

on HCW ( there is a post concerning this issue. Some stores may consider it trial size, some may not, ITs YMMV. I say give it a try if you plan to be in the store.