Friday, May 22, 2009


so I did a late night Wags trip when I saw I could potentially get some cheap pull ups.

I also brought along the $1 itch spray Qs just in case, which I found only 3 of the pullups and 9 of the itch sprays.

PullUps 3 @$3.19 used $2Qs = $3.57
anti itch spray 7 @ $1.59 used $1 Qs = $4.13
$7.70 + 0.29tax = $7.99 OOP
got back $4 RR from itch sprays (would have used GC but forgot to choose that as rebate method BLAH!)
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Surro Brittany said...

Ugh I need to go find some clearence pull ups! I dreamed about them last night! We dont have a wags here is an hr away.