Friday, May 8, 2009

great deals at Target!!

you can get some of these too, just from the Target coupon generator!!
I had a very good trip, it could have went better, but I was so happy that it went as well as it did. I also got front row parking!! lol
broken up into 5 transactions, this is how they went..
Mac & cheese crackers 5 @ $1.02 used $1 Target Q = $0.10
Chex mix $0.99 used $1 target Q (only allowed 1) = -$0.01
quaker bites 8 @ $1 used $1 target Q = $Free
Banana Boat 10 @ $1 used $1 Q mfg = $Free
Glade candles 2 @ $5.79 used $4Qs = $3.58
$3.67 OOP got back $5 gift card from 2 glade
glade candles 2 @ $5.79 used $4 Q = $3.58
paid $3.46 w/ prev GC, got back $5 GC from 2 glade
Fiber one toaster pastries 4 @ $1.79 used $0.50 Qs = $5.16
paid $5.16 from prev GC got back $5 from 4 FiberOne
glade candles 2 @ $5.79 used $4 Q = $3.58
paid $3.46 w/ prev GC, got back $5 GC from 2 glade
sm glade candle $5.79 used $4 Q = $1.79
lrg Glade candle $8.79 used $4Q = $4.79
paid $6.71 w/ prev GC got back $5 GC
sooo total $3.67 OOP left with $6.21 in Gift Cards!!! a $2.54 money maker!


Charlene said...

Great tip on the spray sun screen! I never try for .99 items with a 1/1 coupon as it is always declined. I am going to link to you on my blog-- is the battery deal still going at Walgreens that you got a few posts ago :)?


Jennifer P said...

I don't shop Target too much until lately. I did find the 99cent Banana Boat at Target, I wish I had found the spray. Where did you find these at your store?? Any help would be great!! Thanks

Amanda said...

The banana boat spray is not $0.99 it is $1.00 and the coupon is $1 so no beeps, it goes right through.
I found it in the "dollar" area in the front of the store when you first walk in.
Some of the walgreens stores have the batteries, they are the 2 pk AA energizer max for $1.09. even if they arnt marked with the orange sticker you should have a cashier check the price for you if you find a store that still has these in stock.

cksknitter said...

I can't find the Kraft Mac N Cheese crackers Target Q unless you're using the Nabisco Q. I looked on the Kraft package, but couldn't find any evidence that it's made by Nabisco.

Amanda said...

I am using the nabisco coupon. It scans with no beeps for the mac and cheese crackers. and like you, I thought the same thing about them not saying nabisco, I was freaking out while I was standing in the checkout lane. then I saw on the bottom of the box in small print. thats the only thing I saw, plus kraft/ nabisco same thing. plus the cashier just scanned it and since it didn't beep, it went right through.