Saturday, May 23, 2009

Father's Day gift

I am usualy at a total loss at what to do for fathers day. I came up with half of the gift for DH "from the girls" last night. I collect points from Coke produts and Pampers. I used to to be able to collect quite a few pamper points, but we don't buy Pampers diapers anymore, i did however have some points from papers wipes I got on deal awhile back when I first started couponing.

I used my Pampers points to get a free 11x14 collage picture from, which is where I have all my pics hurray. I put together a few pics of the girls, and one with Paul, oh you can just see it here. I plan to get a frame. I also plan to maybe do a handprint stepping stone or something like that. Paul never reads this so I am not worried he will see what I am getting him. Sad but true... lol

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