Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes it has been a loong while

I took a long break from couponing. My A.D.D. seems to do that sometimes, I struggle "staying with" things. My friend Nena also quit couponing who was my motivator when I would fall off the wagon in the past, we would also have shopping trips together. We are a great team and were very efficient savers together!! she has since started a new business (Nena Metcalf Photography) and it has been very successful, keeping her very very busy!
but I hope this is the start of me getting back to saving!
I had trips here and there, but have not kept up with it, but today I had 3 trips, and wanted to post them :)
I had to search and search, but I was finally able to find a walgreens with the main items I needed (the ecotrin)
T1 & T2
Ecotrin $2 used $2 IP = $0 got back $2 RR did this xs 2 for a total of $4 RR back
Huggies $8.99 used $3 IP = $5.99
4 Reach TB $3.96 used 2- $2/2 IPs = -$0.04
button for filler item $0.19
$6.14 - $4 in RRs = $2.27 OOP total for everything in the Wags trip pic!Next was Target for B-day gifts, and this deal!
ArmorAll Tire foam $3.79
ArmorAll orig cleaner $2.39
used 2 $2 IPs, and 1 $3/2 Target IP = -$0.31 (incl tax)
money maker!!!There were 2 CVS stores that I stopped at
1st I did 2 transactions
2, 34 pks of sz 4 diapers $2.24 ea get $2 ECBs back
$2.42 x 2 = $4.84 OOP got back $4 in ECBs
2nd store
4 pks of sz 4 52ct diapers $3.29ea = $13.16
1 pk of sz 4 34ct diaper $2.24
$15.40 - $5/$15 CRT = $10.40
-$2.00 ECB, -$0.99 ECB -$4.00 ECB
total OOP $3.66 for those 5 pack of diapers
GRAND total for everything in the CVS pic = $8.50,
and I still have $2 ECBs to spend!

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