Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CVS & Wal-Mart

CVS went crazy, but I can't have everything go my way, can I? I did find some cleaning brushes which I was excited about since I usually never find a good deal on these, and pay $4 - $5 for just one!
I first ended up buying one of the wrong size rolaids, but one was right, I didnt find this out till the end of the 1st transaction because the ECB didnt print. Well the cashier mgr let me get a mylanta and use the $4 coupon anyway, since they were out of one more pack of 24 that I needed.1-
Mylanta $3.99
Rolaids $3.99 used $4 WYB2 = -$0.01
used free $2 CRT printed from the price checker machine when I scanned my Extra Care card
Paid $1.98 OOP got back a $4 ECB
Cleaning brushes x3 on clearance from $6.29 to $1.25 = $3.75
Tampax 18ct sale $2.97 x4 used 4 $2 Qs from the 6/6 P&G = $3.88
used $4ECB from previous transaction
$3.93 OOP
$5.91 OOP total for everything pictured
the first transaction I did (which I did not post here), had to be returned at the end, my total OOP from that was $0.98, when she returned the items she returned them at full price with no discount, and I got $6.98 back, which means I walked out of there +$0.04 more than what I went in there with, so I spent out around $7 and got back around $7, sounds like an awesome trip to me!Walmart (I really only went to get sugar for my pumpkin bread lol)
sugar $4.72
Paper towels $0.84
GV soda $0.66 (having cravings for soda!)
Danonino kids yogurt $1.87 x3 used 3 $1.50 Qs from the 6/6 SS $1.11 ($0.37ea)
LaCreme yogurt (this is YUM!) $2.18 x2 used BOGO IP HERE use zip code 63366 = $2.18 ($1.09ea)
Pampers Wipes $1.97 x 4 used 4 $2 Qs from 6/6 P&G = -$0.12
Digorno Pizza $4.98 used $4 coupon from a mailer = $0.98
STP gas treatment $1.77 x2 used $2 IPs Fan them on Facebook to get them = -$0.46
$9.99 total OOP

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