Monday, December 21, 2009 80% off code

I found a great coupon code for use the code SANTA at check out to get 80% off!
I was able to get 2, $25 gift Certificates to our local Incredible Pizza for $4 ($2ea) using the SANTA promo code for 80% off.
Go HERE and put in your (or if buying as a gift the giftee's) zip code, and find a participating restaurant near you.
get $25 gift cert for $10, $10 for $4, and so on. GREAT deals..
make sure to read the details on the order page, as the $25 I bought are good towards food purchases, not games, and on a minum $35 food purchase, which is still an awesome deal, $10 for a $35 meal ($12 if you include the $2 gift cert cost)

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