Friday, December 18, 2009

More *free* $4 when you transfer Rx

I was able to get more coupons for gifts cards, and $ for groceries! $25 for CVS & $30 for Kroger since we have a new Kroger Market Place in our town! keep an eye out for these in grocery store sales ads, and flyers. Other store offer these coupons at different times as well, like Target etc.
I havent done CVS deals in a long while since my local CVS is usually sold out (and even though I can get rain checks) I just havent done it, and I think using the gift cards to use towards ECB deal there would be a great way to get back into shopping their sales, I may also have enough gift card $ to use to buy Chrismas gifts if I wanted, they have a few really great items... AND you could also run into sales and clearances which I have seen items around 75 - 90% off!!!
don't forget to get your CVS Extra Care card, and sign up for their emails, they offer coupons for $$/$$ (ususally $4 off $20 purchase of something like that where it is saving you $1 for every $5 you spend)

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