Monday, December 21, 2009

(looks like a "sold out" deal now) $5 off Huggies coupons!!

wow that was fast, but I think this is now sold out, the $5 towards huggies coupons.. BUT there are still alot of other thing you can get for FREE by signing up and using the free 100 points for
lemme give you the details to the coupon first..
go HERE to register
then go back to the home page and sign in to reflect your 100 points
then click on "get Rewards"
on the left side bar click "health and beauty" scroll down and click on the cart 2 times to add 2 $5 coupons off Huggies to your cart.
very easy check out, click order and then your done is an online site you sign up with, and use curbside recycling to earn point, and then redeem them for items. you do not have to be a participator in this program to get the 100 free points for signing up. use the 100 points to get 2 $5 off huggies coupons.. or you can browse around and see if there is anything elses besides diaper coupons youd like to spend th 100 points on.
If youd like to participate and your state is not listed, there are other ways to earn more points beyond the 100 for signing up, and you can find those details HERE
thanks moneysavingmom

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