Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Every little bit counts

RX coupons, Transferring prescriptions is a good way to earn money for the medicines you were going to buy anyway, its "free" money. I didn't have the best coupons for RX transfers this time around (last month I got $25 for Kroger), but at least I found something. CVS accepts competitors coupons for RX transfers, the one from Kroger transfered to CVS, and another CVS RX to Target pharmacy, $10 RX used $10 WYB nex or transfererd RX.. $10 gift card for CVS and $10 Gift card for Target.
I also got a catalog in the mail for a free $20 gift card to Target when you start a new baby registry. No I am not preggo, but who can pass up this easy $20!! plus I got a small reusable bag with coupons and free samples!! also in the bag was $20 gift card towards a $20 purchase on, which is a company I normall use. I can use to order and make a custom gift for someone or order something for the family!!I used $10.80 of the gift cards to purchase these cute pink skull with bow & crossbones for the girls. also pictured is the bag, Shutterfly gift card, and the 2 Target gift cards $10, and $20 (now minus $10.80)I was also able to get a good deal on the Snow White blue ray and DVD from
on sale for $19.99 used the code snowhite at checkout and recived $10 off,
then I got a small batman poster and a photo glue pen as filler to get total up to $25 (before snowhite savings) and recieved free shipping, total for all this $15.00!!! and it was shipped to my door.
I paid with $50 gift card bonus from Paul's work

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