Thursday, October 1, 2009

Randalls deals Sept 29

So I had to get more joint juice from the catalina promo they are running. buy 7 JJ in 1 trans and get $10 OYNO catalina. well I spent more OOP than I needed to at first, but I wasnt thinking, but anyway. there are BOGO IPs out there, and use those to buy 4 at first I think, and then you can get the $5 off 7 Catalina coupon(to use next purchase), $2.78 OOP, and then you get $3 OYNO.. then buy 7, use the $5 off and the $3 OYNO $1.73 OOP, and get $10 OYNO and another $5/7, get 7 more JJ used $5/7 $4.73 get filler to get up to $10 to use OYNO, and u get back anther $10 OYNO to keep "rolling" IF they have enough JJ!!
the Tyso chicken is BOGO, $3.99/2 use $1 Qs on each = $1ea used $10 OYNO to "buy" 10

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