Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Steamers at Wal-Mart

Our local Wal-Mart has the reg size, plain Green Giant Steamer vegetable bags for $1.22.
There are 2 coupons from 2 different inserts which have $1.00 off any GG steamers bags. so you get the bags for $0.22 each! now I checked the prices at another Wal-Mart not as close to us, and they were marked $1.86 there, not as good of a deal, so check the prices where you shop for this great deal.
Also Ronzoni has another $1.00 coupon, and these prices vary from store to store. the best price and most consistent store to carry these is Wal-Mart. $1.50 each, so $0.50 a box. I have seen them on sale elsewhere cheaper, BUT they were sold out, and the price wasnt that much better anyway.
I was browsing the costume section. they had nothing that interested us that was below $27.99.
so we mosied on over to the toy section where they had other dress up dresses. I saw a couple of cheer outfits which were cute. I grabbed the "off brand" outfit, and the Barbie brand to compare.
Low and behold the off brand was $9.88 and the Barbie one was $7.00, which was originally $14.88!! I only found 1 though, bummer. I was thinking holding on to it for Christmas, since I could only find one and I wanted the girls to match.
I think I am going to add it into my savings and my OOP.
Since Sept 7th
$214.82 spent
$3285.90 saved
$3514.47 retail
93.49 % savings!

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