Wednesday, October 15, 2008


oh Merlin is gonna love this! (he is our 7yr old Boxer)
I got my hands on 14 of these Qs for free Good Bites treats.
Thanks to Nena (of Watch Nena Save, blog) for 9. we had a good trade.
I first went by petco, and they only had 2 bags and they were listed for $5.99, and the coupon says good up to $4.99. I then went to Petsmart later, and they had a bunch, and different flavors. Reg $3.99, on sale for $3.49. either way they were FREE!
14 bags good bite treats $3.49ea (reg $3.99)
$48.86 total before coupons(+$4.03tax = $52.89)
14 FREE good bites Qs $3.49ea = $48.86-
$0.00 OOP - saved $55.86
I also received another rebate in the mail today. It was from the Kellogg back to school $10.00 rebate. I am going to subtract that from my total spent.
Since Sept 7th
$207.07 spent
$3509.50 saved
$3740.32 retail
93.83 % savings

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