Monday, November 9, 2009

Rx transfer coupon - Kroger

I came across a transferred Rx coupon just in time! It is for a $25 credit at Kroger, found in this weeks sales ad in the store! (exp Nov 17th)
I had only gotten $10 last moth, and that was for Target. I transferred an Rx from Kroger -to- CVS, and then an RX from CVS -to- Target. Since CVS accepts competitors coupons, I used a coupon from Target at CVS (get $10 gift card WYB transferred Rx) and then used another of the same coupon at Target.
Now I am transfereing an RX from Target - to- CVS, and then hopefuly transfer an Rx from CVS -to- Kroger, and get $25 to Kroger and $25 at CVS.. $50 for spending $20 ($10 ea Rx) which we spend anyway. woohoo

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