Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kroger super doubles

so the Houston area had a super doubles event aug 15th only (My BIRTHDAY!!), which I havent ever seen here (the super doubles), and I heard there hasnt been one in a LONG while.. Nena and I went out at about 9:30 got to a 24 hr Kroger around 10 - 10:30, and started in on the looooong night. We ran into ALOT of other coupons from all around, and there were also a few who didnt look like couponers who were getting in on some of the deals! I did 4 transactions on that run, then 2 more during the day at a local Kroger. It was pretty darn busy!Trans 1 - details soon!!!
Trans 2 -
Trans 3 -
Trans 4 - Trans 5 -
Trans 6 -

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leikay2 said...

I would so LOVE to learn how you do this!! I have tried several times and to no success. All I do is buy newspapers and then can't seem to save a penny..Ugh. Please help me. I am a SAHM with 4 kids and would LOVE to start saving money